The challenge

Create an intuitive GUI for complex genomic sequencing on iPad and the web.

My role

User interface design, build, and user testing.

Project Date


Project Summary

Complete Genomics is a leader in accurate whole human genomic sequencing. The company’s mission is to provide researchers and clinicians the genetic information needed to improve human health by understanding the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of genetic diseases and conditions.

The company sought to develop an application to enable analysis of genomic information in a more user-friendly way. Our teams task was to design an intuitive iPad and web-based application for end users who were not necessarily bioinformaticians with command line programming skills.

This was one of the world’s first whole genome analysis and interpretation applications.

Following several discovery sessions, two months of collaboration with their expert backend team and a few short iterative test/improve cycles, Genome Voyager was launched.

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The project began with a Discovery phase, where our team spent a week on site with Complete Genomics diving into the project’s objectives, as well as gaining a basic understanding of human genomics.

We worked in tight collaboration with Complete Genomics’ expert back-end development team and in two months delivered a working iPad application that was ready to showcase at a major national medical conference.

The team continued to execute in two-week sprints and released an alpha version of the iPad interface in spring 2013 followed by the web interface in fall of 2013. During this project I had to make smooth course corrections to understand the unique space I was working in.


The application was very well received when it was unveiled at the major national medial conference.

One analyst reported that Genome Voyager was a “glimpse of genomic medicine’s future with slick interfaces for data.”

The latest version of the application is currently available to an invitation only community of researchers and academics. The Complete Genomics team continues to evolve the solution to facilitate the adoption of genomic information for improved human health.

I was able to learn the subject matter on the fly, and over time established trust and built a strong relationship with the client’s development team.